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Planning your project, when is the right time?

When is the best time for your project? Seasons especially here in northern Michigan can impact a project more than anything. As a result, when you choose to do certain types of projects matters.

Spring and summer naturally lend themselves to adding or replacing your deck, replacing windows, and siding your home. Did you know that spring and summer also make a perfect time for that kitchen remodel? This is due to the fact that you can easily leverage your outdoor cooking tools such as your BBQ.

Just as spring and summer favor certain projects, fall and winter lend themselves to other projects as well. Interior remodel projects such as finishing that basement, remodeling your bathroom or other interior spaces. its also a good time for interior painting as well, and may be a way to save money as painters often have more available time during the fall and winter seasons and are often willing to negotiate prices.

Keep in mind that you need to factor in things like lead time (the time it takes to get the materials for your project). Some things that you want to use in your project may need to be ordered. For instance if you know you want to do a kitchen remodel, starting in spring, you will want to be planning it and meeting with your contractor well ahead of your desired date to ensure you have a spot on their work calendar. Secondly you want to use that time to order materials, appliances or anything else that may not be a regularly stocked item. Some materials such as kitchen counters or custom glass for a shower enclosure cannot be ordered until the related work is finished. Cabinets in the case of a kitchen or tile for a shower. This is due to the fact that these are custom cut materials and the rest of the work must be done before detailed measurements can be taken. Your contractor will know this and help you plan accordingly.

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