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Keys to a successful project.

Planning a project:

When planning a project you need to contact your contractor in advance since it takes time to discuss what you want to have done. After the initial meeting the contractor will need to make sure that what you want to do is possible with your home. ( An old saying is that anything is possible if you have enough money). Once that is done the contractor should be able to give you a ballpark of the cost of the job. There are many things that will play into the cost of the project, including type of tile, counter tops, decking materials and so on. All in all depending on the size of the project it can take between a month and 3 months to plan out a project.


The timing of the project depends on how smoothly the project goes and availability of materials as well as how many changes are made as things go along.

Do’s and Don’ts. (There are lots):

  1. To begin with if a contractor says he can start right away don’t hire him, typically if he can start right away either he is going to take your money and run or his work isn’t that good and people aren’t willing to wait for him to get done with the current project.

  2. Do keep an eye on the project and ask questions about how things are going and if we are still looking at completing the work on time.

  3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, part of the contractors job is to educate you on why things are done the way they are and what materials are being used and why.


Having patience with the contractor and the overall project is imperative. Rarely does everything go according to plan. (Weather, supply chain issues and other outside influences can impact a project). Reciprocally the contractor needs to have patience with the homeowner asking questions and other unexpected issues that will arise.

Unexpected issues:

Situations will come up. Be prepared to spend more money, that amount can be from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand on larger more involved projects. When an issue does arise the contractor should be able to assess the situation, figure out a solution or 2 and give you a dollar figure for each solution as well as supporting information for his suggested solution.


In general you should be comfortable with the contractor, check his references, it is good to talk to at least 2 of his references and see how trustworthy he is as well as how they got along.

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